How to Sell EBooks on Amazon and Other Digital Platforms

It’s better to know why to sell an eBook before knowing how to sell. As everything is getting online then why not selling and buying of an item? Yes, you got that right. We are now in next-gen where selling an item is not as difficult as compared to the old time wherein everything was sold out manually by approaching a person or a company or distributing it offline through different showrooms or shops.

Writing a Book is a hectic job and must be paid out accordingly. Authors and publishers used to spend a lot on getting their content printed, published as well as marketed. Sending books to different bookshelves and popular libraries so that their writings could be sold out and they get the monetary return at the earliest possible however it was not that easy as marketing and selling a book that nobody was aware of through offline sellers was a tedious and time-consuming job.

Time passed by and then something came into existence that changed the whole cycle of selling and buying process. Online marketing and selling was the technique that got adopted by a lot of authors and publishers wherein they found selling their electronic Books online on different platforms and getting paid for the same, directly through online transactions.

There is a lot to know about “how to sell an eBook on different platforms” however we would be talking about the most popular platform right now and that is Amazon.

There is a series of steps that need to be taken to get the desired output and they are as follows:

Create an Amazon KDP Account:

The starter here is creating a Kindle Direct Publishing account on Amazon. The link that can be used to sign up:

No worries if an EBook is not in Mobi/Kindle format as after uploading the book it would eventually get converted into the compatible Kindle format.

Add Books to the Bookshelf:

The next step that needs to be performed is adding an EBook to the bookshelf. On the Left-hand side of the dashboard after you are signed in, you will see an option of “Add New Title”. Clicking on this option will take you to the page where you need to add the Book details.

The fields are quite self-explanatory however there are options to help you filling each field in case needed.

Enter your Book details and leave the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) field blank in case you do not have that info. Mention your name as well in case you are self-publishing the EBook.

Next, you need to choose the category you feel your book should reside in and the keywords as well that may help the readers find the desired content.

After all the above mentioned steps are done, you need to upload the cover image for your EBook which is as important as the EBook itself because this is the image that will be shown on Amazon Sale Page and would be a reflection of your content.

Uploading the EBook on the platform:

You can either upload a Kindle formatted eBook or a PDF/word format and let Amazon do the conversion for your EBook. If you are letting Amazon do the conversion thing then make sure you recheck the file for the pictures or graphics as converting online may disturb the formatting.

Confirm Your Pricing & Royalty Options:

You need to decide on the royalty option that you want to go for because the rest will be taken by Amazon.

There are 2 royalty options that you can select from:

If you want to keep 70% then you need to sell your book between $2.99 and $9.99. If the price is out of this range then you will only be getting 35% of the total selling price so beware and make sure you target the right pricing so that the return to your pocket is more.

You are done. Be a spectator, wait and watch. Let Amazon review your content and approve it. Once it’s approved, the EBook will be published and the direct link will be shared with you.

Three Ways a Cheap Domain Registration Can Provide Profitability for Businesses

No country can survive economically without developing a keen interest in commerce. Therefore, as a business investor, you need to have a good understanding of the tenets of buying and selling before you think of venturing into business for the first time. Luckily, you can amass a lot of profit in your first year of getting established, provided you follow the latest trends that support the growth of both small-scale and large-scale businesses. One of the latest trends you need to work closely on for the growth of your business is getting noticed on the online hemisphere with a cheap budget. As it is, the online hemisphere is where you can get your achievements quickly and, with less concern to deal with huge losses. So, strengthening the financial cords of your business may be dependent on how you can take full advantages of what a cheap domain registration has to offer your business enterprise. Interestingly, businesses can survive a difficult terrain, when the secrets of making stable profit is known by clever investors. As your own boss, here are three ways a cheap domain registration can guarantee stable profit for your business.

1. Free support

You need all the help you can get in business, so that you can become tough to handle several pressure in your process of growing your business, even as a start-up. One area that may be of great challenge to businesses, especially start-ups, is maximizing profit and dealing with losses simultaneously. The fact that you have a personal server to help you run your business should be a relief for you, provided you are working closely with a cheap budget. A cheap domain registration can put you in a special position whereby you can have access to free services from an expert company that can help you adopt new strategies for developing and sustaining your business goals.

2. No hidden charges

You might think it to be deception when lots of hosting companies are willing to help you register your domain names, since some amount of money is involved during registration. As long as you are prepared to work with trusted hands, you have no reason to be taxed, regarding the payment of hidden charges to have your domain names maintained in the course of running your business. The only charges you incur is when you decide to have your personal domain names, which come at a cheap price.

3. Protection

The reason why many promising start-ups end up bankrupt is because they are not given enough protection by their hosting companies, especially in the digital marketing terrain. The fact that a domain registration is cheap does not mean that your private plans should be sold out cheaply to your competitors. When experts are allowed to handle your domain registration process, you rest assured of getting the privacy you deserve, so that your business secrets are not exposed to competitors that are not as good as you. At the end of each year, you should take credit for the effort you have invested in your business to make it grow by utilizing the digital space, through the proactive investment in cheap domain registration.

How to Optimize Your Umbraco Website for the Search Engines

If you are an online business owner, then you must have come across some of the most popular CMSs that are needed to develop a functional and rich website. Umbraco is a popular open source.NET based CMS platform that helps to manage your web content with great ease and offers remarkable features that can make the site user and search engine friendly. It is also a smart solution that offers mobile platform specific websites with content that can be delivered to android, iPhone and Windows phone seamlessly, while you only need to maintain only a single set of content for both mobile and desktop based sites.

Today, websites have to be search engine friendly as it helps to gain a higher ranking in the SERPs and help to attract a wide range of audience. Here in this article, we will discuss some basic functionalities that your website should have in order to optimize it for the search engines.

The basic page settings:

Every Umbraco website should easily manage the SEO drivers that are basic like the page title, meta descriptions and meta keywords. This is easy to do and there should be some text boxes allowing you to set them. This will help the SEO experts to check the correct length of the title and the description and check whether it is too long or too short. All these fields should be available on every search engine facing page so that the site administrator can easily set the basic SEO.

Sitemaps and robots:

Managing the sitemap and the robots.txt file can be a difficult process, especially if the entire thing is done manually. While running multi-sites from a single Umbraco installation, it can become difficult to manage separate robots.txt files or sitemap.xml. To make this easy, the setup should be made page by page so as to manage content and auto generate the files.

How To Curate Content For A Blog

Content curation is a brisk method to create accommodating substance for your intended interest group. It’s an alternate way to adding significant substance to your blog or site since you’re not delivering it sans preparation. In any case, you are putting forth an incentive by composing remarks on why it’s helpful, valuable or pertinent to your group of onlookers.

It’s the way toward finding, organizing, setting remarks on and spreading on the web the best and most pertinent substance about the specialty you are working in.

Decide a Strategy

What amount curated content do you need on your blog? A decent mix could be 70% unique substance, 30% curated.

Where Will You Get The Content?

Make an agenda of the most critical sites and online journals you visit all the time. Read the features to locate the substance you discover supportive and figure your intended interest group will appreciate.

Your Tone of Voice

A few people extremely jump at the chance to report the certainties. Others appreciate blending up discussion and be as combative as could be allowed.

Give An Opinion on the Curated Content

Numerous business people who minister content simply set up the subject material without saying why it’s critical or what the setting is. Discuss the issues, why the substance demonstrates an advancement about the particular issue, et cetera. Influence associations for the peruser so they to can see the estimation of the substance and the estimation of the idea and work you are putting into your curation.

What Are Your Target Audience’s Pain Points

What are the most across the board issues that your group of onlookers have and what can enable them to settle those issues? Truly, you need to offer your very own items, however don’t abstain from alluding to your rivals totally or it will appear to be unnatural and nasty.

Answer Their Common Questions

Much of the time made inquiries require an answer. In the event that you don’t have room schedule-wise to answer them all, utilization curated substance to help you. Comment on the substance, for example, why the system is great, awful, or could be better somehow. This will bear on exhibiting your insight and that you merit focusing on.

Select the Best Content from the Best Sources

Consider yourself the expert editorial manager of a mainstream magazine. Just let the best substance achieve your pages.

Know How To Curate Content Legally

Ensure that you credit every one of your assets so you’re not blamed for burglarizing content. Give the Website URL of the first work and the name of the creator or production, the date, and some other important data. In case you’re dubious about utilizing the substance material, connect with the site proprietor and inquire. By and large, they’ll be glad to give endorsement, gave you’re not slating their work as a heap of rubbish.

Importance Of Having A Website Banner

Obviously, you never get another opportunity to establish a first connection at the forefront of anybody’s thoughts. What’s more, when a guest goes to your site so the principal thing that establishes your organization’s connection at the forefront of their thoughts is the standard of your site. Thusly, having an eye-getting flag is as imperative for your site as salt in a dish to include taste. All things considered, you likewise need to establish a first connection on your guest’s brain. Isn’t that right?

In case, your site doesn’t have any such standard so the odds you are losing a larger number of clients than you are increasing at this moment. A flag is a kind of publicizing over the World Wide Web that features your offers to your clients and holds their consideration. Here are a few focuses that influence you to comprehend the significance of having a site standard.

Empower Visitors: One of the normal motivations to have a site flag is that it urges your client to remain on your site for further perusing to comprehend your offered items and administrations. With everything taken into account, it builds the perceivability of your site on various web indexes and effortlessly catches their consideration.

Least expensive Way Of Advertising: Advertising can do ponders for your business development and in the event that you are not putting resources into it to spare your cash so you most likely losing the innumerable business openings. Truly, publicizing is costly, however not all the time since site pennant is the least expensive approach to do it in a compelling and imaginative way.

Advance Company News: If your business holds any occasion and need individuals to think about it, along these lines, site flag is the least demanding approach to do as such. It enabled you to advance your organization news and essential data in a way that catches the consideration of its guests, in this way, an ever increasing number of individuals get engaged with it.

Feature Hot Products And Services: Another motivation to have a site flag is that it features your star items and administrations before your client. It expands your change rate and gives new wings to your business advancement.

What do you think now? Every single above point clear your questions with respect to its significance for your business. The flag can be trying to configuration however can complete a wonder for your business development and along these lines you should enlist a Website Designing Company to do this errand. The pennant is the portal of your site ensures it ought to be appealing and useful also that expands your essence over the World Wide Web.